​REVISION is a regional mapping and analysis application that integrates a range of public and private data for trend visualization and sustainable communities planning. The cloud-based application creates an easy-to-use regional performance monitoring tool for anyone with a modern web browser. 

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​SCAG's Open Data Portal allows users to search, view, query, and download data residing in SCAG's Enterprise Geodatabases through an intuitive and user-friendly interface. 

This online mapping system allows users to choose an agency, view their holdings on a web map and use online tools to make notes, draw new parks or propose realignments of existing data, edit current shapes and upload their own GIS files to the map.

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GeoHub is Los Angeles's new public platform for exploring, visualizing, and downloading location-based Open Data. 

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​Interactive website that provides building energy data across the LA County to develop effective adn targeted programs to reduce building energy use.

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